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Contest Dance Song!

2012-06-29 02:35:13 by Jusher5

A song about Teemo? yeah!


2012-06-15 01:39:15 by Jusher5

Hi! School is all finished, so I have way too much time on my hands suddenly. I'm making 2 songs for the League of Legends song contest, so those will be posted on here as well. One is a dance song about Teemo, the other is a rap battle that I have made the beat to and wrote some of the lyrics to. Look out for em!



2012-02-05 21:41:35 by Jusher5

I got another song for yoos guys. It's like a lifetime and represents different parts of the lifetime. Here ya go! /469549

Leave a comment/rating if you feel. Everything is greatly appreciated.

/end self promotion

Pulling Your Steps

2012-01-25 00:52:00 by Jusher5

I pulled a song out that I had almost forgotten about, but always really liked. I wanted to buff it up, but I just decided to throw it out there to see what folks think about it. /467867

Rate, love, share. All that shit.

For the soundcloud lovers.

Dovahkiin Dance

2012-01-17 21:15:21 by Jusher5

I finally finished another song. This one also isn't a bad try at dubstep, but instead a bad try at dance. I did a lot of experimenting with this song: samples, key changes and synths, mostly. /465851

Time shudders at its touch.

I had way too much fun "researching" for this song. in-dance For the soundcloud lovers.